Crowdfunding Campaign 

Marketing & Film Distribution





  • North American Distribution for the feature film once completed.

  • Social Media Marketing Assistance during the campaign including

    • Shout Outs.

    • Press Releases.

    • Interviews & Articles in related online publications.

  • Film Festival Submissions (depending on schedule and availabilities)


Free Support:


If requested, The Movie Agency (TMA) may 

  • Suggest Casting

  • Recruit Producers and/or Crew

  • Offer extra assistance including but not limited to Legal, Contractual, Estimate, Pre-Sales, Negotiation.

  • Help in raising extra funds




  • The project must be a feature film (Equal or over 70 minutes length).

  • The main language of the feature film must be English.

  • The crowdfunding campaign should be made available on Indigogo.

  • No producer perks should be under $500.

  • Every news concerning the campaign and related feature film project should be announced first to The Movie Agency (TMA).

  • TMA would become exclusive Worldwide Film Sales Agent once the feature film has been completed. TMA does not charge any fees and does not deduct expenses from sales. TMA’s commission is 15% only paid when the feature film is sold and only when payments have been received by the filmmakers.

  • Credit as Sales Agency should be published on IMDB and other websites related to the feature film including but not limited to film festivals where the feature film has been selected.

  • Credit as Executive Producer for Philippe Louis Galliano should be read in the opening credit of the feature film and published on IMDB. 

  • “The Movie Agency presents” must open the opening credits of the feature film.




To submit your project for consideration, please send the following to 

themovieagency @ gmail . com


  • Synopsis and screenplay.

  • Budget top sheet.

  • Info on money raised and/or to be raised. Answer the following questions:

    • How did you raise the money and/or how do you plan to raise money? 

    • Percentage to be raised with crowdfunding?

  • Director’s reel and screeners of his/her previous work as a director.

  • DOP’s reel and at least one screener of his/her most recent work as a DOP.

  • Information on the people involved in the sound including examples of their previous work.

All Information sent will remain strictly confidential