October 13th, 2020


Denmark steps into the Horror with

VICTIM OF LOVE   - a shocking opus

between film noir & gore.

As we are now all accustomed to cold as ice twisted Thriller films and series from Denmark, it is with great surprise to hear that the country has even more to offer. Furthermore it is darker than the darkest you've seen from Scandinavia.


Represented by TheMovieAgency.com, Victim Of Love is a  disturbing and tense psychological horror-thriller also reminiscent of film noir and impressionism. Victim of Love blends art with styles and genres.


Captured within a very dark and depraved city, an investigation turns into a fantasy-magical nightmare forcing us to doubt reality and believe the unreal lurks behind the door.


Isaksen's ambitious directorial feature debut is filled with suggestive and raw images (filmed by young Mathias Tegtmeier) and elegantly lit and bathed in deep, red colors by the experienced colorist Norman Nisbet , known for his work on von Trier's 'Melancholia', and Winding Refns 'The Neon Demon’.


Victim Of Love is a canvas of blood and darkness, doubts and purity.

The movie will blast the American Film Market. 

Exclusive new poster & trailer for the AFM below: