Theatrical Release & Distribution  

You cannot be serious about filmmaking without considering the importance of film marketing. 

More than never, marketing has become essential in selling your movie. Whether you want to self-distribute your movie or to find distribution, film marketing can make the difference.


As I often say: 


"No marketing = No sales".

But that's not all.

Distributors are more likely to prioritize titles they've heard of.


Getting the word out is what marketing can do for you.


Even if you have a distributor, it is very common that distributors do not have enough time and money to spend per movie.


They sign so many titles and at the end of the day, they can't or don't market each film they have signed. They may have to prioritize a movie over another.

Also many distributors aren't going to research what the specific audience is for your film or/and market the right audience.

They will use the same strategy again and again whether your film is a romantic comedy or a thriller. 

Thanks to social marketing, today's filmmakers have the power to market their film for less however it is time consuming, it requires a small investment and at least knowledge and experience.


I found out that many filmmakers were actually not ready for their movie release. 


  1. Many of them thought that they just had to publish on a VOD platform and to collect the money.

  2. Others had neither the knowledge nor the time to market their film.

  3. Last but not least, many were releasing their film with none or little presence on social media.


Marketing is King !

For all the above reasons, The Movie Agency is launching a new service exclusive to you independent filmmakers who signed with us.


We want this service to remain affordable and flexible.


What is it about?

  • Get your feature film theatrically released in Los Angeles for 1 week. 

  • Your feature will show twice a day on Prime Time and Late Sessions.

  • The theatre is well located and known by industry professionals.

  • Digital & Physical (DVD-BluRay) distribution in North America will be guaranteed after that.

Theatrical Release in Los Angeles


Why a Theatrical Release? Why LA?

  • A theatrical release to make a difference: You are in competition with tons of feature films and what you want is to raise awareness, reach new fans. 

  • A theatrical release to persuade: Foreign buyers and curated digital platforms often pre-select the films they are going to consider by reading reviews, checking social media presence, number of followers and also the efforts made by filmmakers for their films.

  • LA because all major publications and many film buyers are based there. We hope that a screening close to home may motivate critics & other entertainment professionals to check on your film. 

What does this offer include?

  • The cost of one week in a LA Theatre. You tell us the week/month you want this theatrical release to happen and we will negotiate the dates for you. 

  • Press Releases and Marketing for this Theatrical Release.

  • Guaranteed digital and physical distribution in North America if you have not signed with a distributor yet. If you already have a distributor, we will get in touch with them and involve them in the marketing of your theatrical release.

  • We will try selling your feature film at the film market happening within the next 6 months after your theatrical release.


Among other actions, we will

  • offer you a customized marketing strategy.

  • create Facebook & Twitter pages for your film (if not done yet).

  • create Facebook ads for your film (at no extra cost).

  • write and publish press-releases.

  • intend to build a fanbase, attract more followers.

  • help you in getting your film reviewed.

  • Guide you in the whole process until the end of the theatrical release.

What's the cost?

$6500 that you can pay by monthly installments (Up to 6 months Layaway with no fee ever)and/or with crowdfunding.


Indeed we strongly recommend to launch an Indiegogo campaign to raise a part of the funds.


If you simply do not have the time or the experience, we can do it for you for an extra $500.

Note that all proceeds from this theatrical release will be paid to you.

TMA will not deduct any commissions from any money coming from this theatrical release. However our usual commission will be deducted from digital and physical distribution.


If you believe that your feature film should be considered for the next Academy award, we can also offer you a program according to the guidelines for academy award qualification. More info upon request. 

Want to release your feature film in another US major city? Let me know and I will work this out.

What is layaway?

You are paying by weekly and/or monthly installments and once you have reached $6500, we start working on your theatrical release and its marketing. 

You remain in control: 

You decide of the sum you want to pay, when you want to pay it!

If you change your mind, we refund all the money you have so far paid: No cancellation fees.


All payments should be made by PayPal within 6 months following your first payment.


You can pay at your own pace (weekly, monthly up to you) and you will have access to an up to date invoice so you always know how much more you need to pay. 

Note that all PayPal fees should be paid by the filmmakers. 

If you don't, the fees will be added to your due amount.

Why launching a crowdfunding campaign?

For some of the same reasons already explained above. Not only you are raising funds but you are also reaching out to a new audience, new fans and one of the perks of that campaign can actually be related to the theatrical release (tickets giveaway for instance). Crowdfunding is really a great marketing tool and you should definitely see it as just that.

What are the risks?

There is no such a thing that a risk free business venture and you knew that when you decided to make your film. Indeed it's a big investment and the following risks attached to this Theatrical Release are significant:

  • People aren't attending the screenings and your film is screened in front of just a few people.

  • Reviews for your movie turned to be bad.