Film Financing  & Consulting



Looking for raising funds for your feature film? TMA might be able to help you.




  • Free consultation.

  • Sourcing investors and future distributors, film buyers.

  • North American Distribution for the feature film once completed.

  • Film Festival Submissions (depending on schedule and availabilities).

  • Assistance with pre-sales.

  • Los Angeles theatrical premiere.


Free Support:


If requested, TMA may 

  • Suggest Casting

  • Recruit Producers and/or Crew

  • Offer extra assistance including but not limited to Legal, Contractual, Estimate, Negotiation and Guidance including but not limited to tax credits and loan.


  • The project must be a feature film (Equal or over 65 minutes length) in the Horror, SciFi or Thriller genres. Other genres may be considered depending on attached talents.

  • The main language of the feature film must be English.

  • You must have raised 1/3 of your budget.

  • You must have notable cast officially attached to your project. 

  • You must have started filming and have a teaser available.

  • You must sign a sales agreement with TMA or/and a finder's agreement.




To submit your project for consideration, please send the following to 

themovieagency @


  • Pitch deck.

  • Synopsis or treatment.

  • Info on money raised and/or to be raised. Answer the following questions:

    • How did you raise the money and/or how do you plan to raise money? 

    • Budget top sheet.

  • If not in the pitch deck:

    • Director’s reel and screeners of his/her previous work as a director.

    • DOP’s reel and at least one screener of his/her most recent work as a DOP.

    • Information on the people involved in the sound including examples of their previous work.

All Information sent will remain strictly confidential