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Film Financing - Foreign Sales.



Are you looking for extra funds for your nexfeature film?

Are you looking for assistance in selling your completed feature film outside North America?

TMA might be able to help you. 

Considering the substantial volume of financing inquiries we've received, if your project is selected, we have decided to implement a non-refundable upfront retainer fee, which commences at USD 500 for a six-month pitching period. This fee is intended to solidify our mutual commitment to our collaborative efforts. Pitching projects are a time-consuming process, often extending for several months or longer, with no guaranteed outcome. It's important to note that any retainer fees paid will be deducted from future commissions.


Similarly, in the case of filmmakers who are not signed with TMA for North America and seek to have us represent their content outside the USA and Canada, we may also charge a retainer fee.


Depending on the project's significance and the involvement of key actors and directors, we might consider waiving the upfront fee requirement.


Guarantees for film financing:


  • Sourcing investors and other sources of finance.

  • Assistance with pre-sales.

Guarantees for foreign sales:


  • ​Pitching distributors and film buyers in all countries including platforms.

  • Monthly list of the buyers we have pitched your content to.

Conditions for film financing:

  • The project must be a feature film (Equal or over 65 minutes in length) in the Horror, SciFi or Thriller genres. Other genres may be considered depending on the attached talents.

  • The main language of the feature film must be English.

  • If your film is completed, your film doesn't need to be in English, but English subtitles will be required.

  • You must have raised 1/3 of your budget.

  • You must have a notable cast officially attached to your project. 

  • You must have started filming and have a teaser available.


Submission for film financing:


To submit your project for consideration, please send the following to 

themovieagency @


  • Pitch deck.

  • Synopsis or treatment.

  • Info on money raised and/or to be raised. Answer the following questions:

    • How did you raise the money and/or how do you plan to raise money? 

    • Budget top sheet.

  • If not in the pitch deck:

    • Director’s reel and screeners of his/her previous work as a director.

    • DOP’s reel and at least one screener of his/her most recent work as a DOP.

    • Information on the people involved in the sound including examples of their previous work.

Submission for foreign sales:

All Information sent will remain strictly confidential

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