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Tell Me About It

A secret escape away from dominating parents for British Asian teenager Amara goes horribly wrong when she is suddenly kidnapped in a case of mistaken identity with a politician's daughter.


Multi-narrative drama from Cyprus where a terrorist attack connects three stories, each involving characters whose actions may mean the difference between life and death as well as their own journeys into seeking redemption from their past, their guilt, their loneliness.


There is a choking grief spreading like a fungus in the house where Sonja lives with her husband, Stan. Something tragic has happened: Her missing child. This isolates Sonja from a lot of people, including her worried mother as Sonja’s house fills with shadows and memories of her little girl. It seems no one can help here and suspicions fall on everyone.

Mother Midnight

Made in Korea by British filmmaker, Mike Beech, Mother Midnight (Seokkarae) tells the story young woman Jiwon who attempts to deal with the loss of her mother and her father's worsening drinking. Faced with a violent neighbour threatening the family and complicated love life, she accepts the aid of a local shaman. Sold worldwide.


Sofia has her life shattered after her mother, Helena has a serious car accident. When her mother returns home, Sofia discovers that her mother is no longer herself and has changed into a sinister entity. Sold worldwide.

Gospel Of Ted

From the director of THE STORY OF RENALDO & THE LOAF, Gospel Of Ted is a brilliant US comedy telling the journey of Ferrari Thunderbird Taylor and her missing cash invested by her husband in a dubious cryptocurrency led by the influential and untouchable Ted. Sold in North America.


Verity kills a monster and drifts eastward on borrowed time. She meets Bec, another lost & abused soul. Together the girls try to find solace in one another but not for long. US indie made in just 8 days! Sold in North America.


Rodrigo and Beatriz are a couple who, after going through a traumatic event, invite their friend, Ana, to stay isolated at their home during the pandemic. With an uncomfortable atmosphere of seduction between the three of them, one morning, Rodrigo sees Ana's name on the list of deaths from covid-19. Sold worldwide.


When people begin mysteriously disappearing into the water of a hydrotherapy clinic, a talented inspector is assigned the case for investigation, and in turn learns the true horrors of her own identity. Sold in North America.

The 6th Secret

Mystery Thriller from Estonia in English. At a late-night séance, attended by twelve people, the medium announces that three secrets will be revealed before midnight. However, as the bodies pile up, so do the secrets, leading to the darkest of them all. Sold worldwide.

The Renata Road

The Renata Road is a mysterious British feature film blending thriller and horror. Looking for peace, solitude and an escape from the outside world a mysterious stranger checks into a remote hotel. His stay will be a trip to hell. Sold in North America.

Raising Global Citizens

The documentary Raising Global Citizens follows the Primus family as they travel to all corners of the globe - from the Mekong Delta and the Middle East, to South America, and the edge of the Arctic Circle. Sold in North America.

The Wraith Within

When a group of friends head out of town for a weekend getaway, a dangerous secret emerges that may kill them all. US Horror The Wraith Within is a real slaughter. Starring Michael Madsen. Sold in North America.


A masterpiece of modern love story directed, filmed, acted to perfection. Star-crossed immigrant lovers roam their gated community drink-by-drink in search of the perfect house. Sold in North America.

Chernobyl: Men of steel

60 minutes documentary from Poland about The story of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster from the point of view of the Samosely - the indigenous inhabitants of the villages depopulated by radioactive contamination. Not agreeing with the decision of the Soviet authorities, they returned to their villages, where they live out their days.

Welcome To Northern Ireland

A down-on-his-luck expat returns to Northern Ireland after many years away. Upon arrival he is struck by the prosperity and throngs of tourists he sees. Filled with optimism and with the help of some public funding administered through a local business man and evangelist, he embarks on becoming a tour guide. Sold worldwide.

Fine China

US Arthouse Romance Drama. After a breakup, a man in turmoil begins collecting antique china. Sold worldwide.


Could one of the six prisoners be a murderer? They have a couple of hours to find out or they will all die executed by the Nazi. Sold worldwide. Ukrainian feature film with a great plot and Rashomon effect. Sold worldwide.

Barun Rai & The House On The Cliff

British and Indian co-production, Barun Rai and The House On The Cliff tells the scary story of a newly-weds couple has just moved into their dream home and life should be perfect but unexplained incidents start to occur. Detective Barun Rai will be hired to investigate as his expertise lies in solving paranormal activities. Sold in North America, UK and Japan.


After SAW and WOLF CREEK, Australia creates again the next Horror franchise: "House Of Inequity" A day trip takes a turn for the worse when a group of friends investigate an abandoned house. The nightmare's quickly become a reality when they're forced to face their own personal fears, and survive a night in The House of Inequity. Sold in North America.


Insane splatter gore movie made in Japan. Available non-exclusive in North America. Sold in Asia. Available for MENA, LATAM and Europe.


An infamous novelist desperate to redeem her career submits to her creative process, blurring the lines between fiction and reality. Directed by Tiffany Rhodes and starring David Koechner (Anchorman, Get Smart, The Office...), George Katt, Lacy Camp. Sold worldwide.


Filmed in Japan, Woman In The Chair is a creepy tale in the pure tradition of J-Horror. Maurice is an expat who likes exploring remote areas in the Japanese countryside. One day, he makes a macabre discovery in an abandoned house: A dead woman sitting motionless in a chair. Believing she is a ghost, he will keep quiet and decide with some partners to monetize his discovery, not knowing that the woman in the chair brings obsession and death around her spectators. Sold worldwide.


Gitel is a Holocaust survivor. Many years later, she struggles with the memories of the past as she tries to live in the present. Sold worldwide.


During a worldwide plague, a group of survivors takes refuge in a a house hosted by another group. Now safe, they will realise soon enough that everything comes at a price. The Walking Dead meets World War Z in this movie made in Spain. Sold worldwide.


New Horror anthology, Dark Tales From Channel X tells the story of babysitter Cassie who after finding an old TV, is treated to a series of tales full of curses, creatures, and stalkers, presented by an enigmatic host known only as The Viewer. Sold worldwide.


Do you know the oddest band in the universe? A decades-long friendship drives an architect and a bio-medical scientist to make the weirdest music you've ever heard in your life, and thanks to the Internet, they're more popular than ever. Sold worldwide.


A new generation of Scandinavian filmmakers has landed and Kasper Juhl is one of them. Moonfire is about a brother and a sister trapped in a chaotic and emotional moment in their life. Through a series of violent acts, they do whatever they can to forget what really hurts inside. Raw, graphic and violent! Sold worldwide.


The Modern way is a drama set within 1980s Britain . Danni, a young skinhead is struggling with her home life and is hanging out with the wrong crowd . When her late brother’s best friend Terry Harrison comes back to town, he tries to guide her onto a better path. Sold worldwide.


Before World War 2, young JFK as part of a diplomatic European tour visited Estonia. What happened during his visit has remained quite a mystery. Writer director Mart Sander offers a version of Kennedy's stay. Romance, thrill and spies meet in The Kennedy Incident. Sold worldwide.


Smuggling illegal immigrants into the US across the Mexican border, US resident Tony gets caught and sent back to Italy where he was born. His ultimate goal is now to return to the US even if he has to be this time one of the illegal migrants. Acquired in North America and Mexico.


The LGBTQ+ movement in the UK has fought bruising battles for equality. Directed by Ashley Joiner, Are You Proud? brings together rare archive footage and interviews from across a spectrum of historical campaigns to celebrate the movement’s landmark achievements. Sold in Italy, UK, Eire, Poland and France (SVOD). Sold worldwide.


After his best friend disappears, Tom Edwards is investigated by a relentless detective as he tries to lead a normal summer. Tom fears facing the truth and struggles to cope with the loss of his friend as the world around him seems to fall apart. Intense and unpredictable, The Eden Theory is a "one of a kind" Thriller. Sold worldwide.

TAXI 121

Thriller from Czech Republic, Taxi 121 is a feature film inspired by true events, where a serial killer took lives of three Prague taxi drivers. Story is focused on one of the victims, the young driver Matej. His one last ride will change life of many people around forever. Sold in North America, Mexico, Czech Republic, Slovakia.


After moving to an isolated cabin, Jacob Taylor vanishes without a trace. With the help of footage he leaves behind, his family members, friends and a detective try to find answers to the strange events that are centered around him. Sold worldwide.


LGBTQ Horror. After two college students unintentionally sublease their extra bedroom to a violent escaped mental patient with multiple personalities, they find themselves battling for survival against the many faces of white male rage that manifest and threaten them in their home. Sold worldwide.

LOUISA: An Amazing Adventure

British animation based on real events and the true courage, determination and extraordinary spirit of ordinary people. January 1899 saw the worst storm at sea in living memory and the most astonishing lifeboat rescue attempt of the century. The coxswain of the Louisa lifeboat and his daughter must struggle with nature, personal loyalty and their duty to save the lives of strangers. With the participation of actress Celia Imrie. Sold Worldwide


Canadian drama telling the story of the story of Donald Barlow, who lives in Nottingham, England. He decides to search for his father who, he has discovered, was a visiting Canadian serviceman during World War 2. Following his mother's death, Donald engages a search agency to find his father not knowing that his father wants nothing to do with him. Sold worldwide.


Charly is looking for his American girlfriend, Amy, who disappeared under mysterious circumstances in Copenhagen. A few months later Charly decides to revisit the hotel to finally solve the mystery once and for all. Sold in Denmark and under offer for rest of the world.


In the near future, a pandemic has broken out and civilization has collapsed leaving Zombies to rule the world. Seamus is on a desperate run and dangers loom everywhere. By accident he comes across a subterranean shelter. He is however not alone there. Gradually it turns out that life in the underground shelter may be more dangerous than that on the surface. Sold in North America.


Directed by Jun'ichi Yamamoto, Violator is the new Japanese gore fest from the same infamous director who made the classic Meatball Machine. Sold Worldwide.

Her Name Was Fanny

Feature film from Ukraine to be released in 2020 - 2021. Directed by Alena Demyanenko. Produced by TMA Releasing. Sold in Korea and North America.


US Action Thriller feature film where an ex-Marines is accused for the US president assassination. Running a way and taking a hostage, he will have to convince everyone that he is not the killer looking like him shown all over the news. Sold in North America and Korea.

Winifred Meeks

Directed by Jason Figgis, Winifred Meeks is a return to classic haunted house horror films. In the British countryside, a female writer discovers an unquiet spirit inhabits the remote farmhouse chosen by her agent. Her loneliness will awake the sinister presence around her. With a sound design and soundtrack reminiscent of 70's Mystery Horror, Winifred Meeks stands out for its minimalism, pace and atmosphere. Sold in North America and UK.


Serbian Thriller & debut feature for director Nikola Petrović , Dogs Die Alone tells the story of Viktor, an ex-programmer, who moves to his mountain house with his dog, seeking peace. An encrypted message only he can decipher brings chaos to his newfound happiness - a message associated with the murder of his ex-boss. As the investigation begins, a woman enters Viktor's life. His existence will then collide between chaos and realities. Sold in North America.


From Canada, Beyond Hell is about a new version of the drug Changa that Maryssa took. She soon finds herself transported to a hell dimension where the demon, Belial, latches on to her. through Maryssa, Belial begins killing her friends one by one in horrific hallucinations. Sold worldwide.


British documentary following a father landing in The Jungle: a refugee camp in the North of France. Hoping to live with the rest of his family in England, he will try to endure the sad reality within the camp. Sold worldwide.


Entirely shot with an iPhone in New Zealand, Blue Moon is a remarkable Thriller. Horace Jones is working at an all-night petrol station when a drug dealer carrying a large amount of money dies in his bathroom. Enforcer Ratty comes to find the missing money. However, when the two come face to face, it becomes clear that they know each other. Sold North America, UK, Australia, New Zealand.


Aussie creature award winner feature, Ashburn Waters tells the story of a cursed campground. Who or what is killing the campers at Ashburn Waters? Sold worldwide.


Not your ordinary Indian movie, Half Songs tell the romance happening between a young journalist and a record shop owner who does not how talented composer he is. Sold Worldwide.


Peter, a naive young boy living in the countryside, will find out that his kindness will be wrongly interpreted and soon his hometown will turn against him. Sold in North America.


Dark atmospheric Thriller from Denmark where a couple faces disturbing change in their relationship after moving to the countryside. Sold in Scandinavia to Smile entertainment. Sold Worldwide.


Canadian Thriller directed by Sophie Dupuis and starring Theodore Pellerin. Chien De Garde aka Family First was 2018 Canada's submission to the Academy Award. Sold in USA.


Ruby wakes from a bad dream to find herself in a real life nightmare. She's trapped in a basement, her legs are broken and she can't remember who she is or how she got there. Her kidnapper, Tom, tells her she will remain captive until she falls in love with him. Sold in Japan. Sold in North America, Latam, South Korea.


Starring Peter Greene, US Thriller Turnabout tells the story of two old friends who went different ways and decide to hang out one night. Can their past keep that friendship alive? Sold in North America. Distributed by TMAA for rest of the world #themovieagency #filmdistribution #moviedistribution


Tony is a Thriller made in India. 4 college students identify a serial killer who will then teach them what it is to murder someone. Sold in North America & worldwide distributed by TMAA.


South African comedy, 3 Days To Go is about a wealthy Indian family coming together to grieve the passing of a beloved father and grandfather. A colourful collection of husbands, wives, children and grandchildren. Sold in North America, ANZ, UK to Syndicado.


So proud to represent this masterpiece "Curtiz". A gem that needs to be seen. As America prepares to enter WW2, Hungarian film director Michael Curtiz grapples with political intervention and a dysfunctional relationship with his estranged daughter amid the troubled production of Casablanca in 1942. Sold to Netflix worldwide.


Avichi is everything you were not expecting coming from India. A dark and different movie with a story unfolding in post apocalyptic landscapes. A magnificent cinematography supported by an amazing sound design, Avichi is also a movie without dialogue and a piece of Indian Cinema history. Sold in North America.


A migrant falls in with the wrong crowd and turns to petty crimes to make ends meet however he will try turning his life around when finding love and real friendship. Sold in North America.


CAVALE is a coming of age French drama realistically filmed. The story of 3 girls on the run trying to find who they really are. Sold in North America.


Horror found footage from Mexico, 1974 will lead you when you did not expect to land. A newlywed couple disappeared in 1974, their 8mm tapes reveal one of the most horrifying events in Mexican history.


Tour de force for Willem Dafoe in My Hindu Friend. Also last film of director Hector Babenco who passed away in 2016. My Hindu Friend tells the journey of Diego, a film director very close to death. Chances are he won't survive, but if he does, that means he needs to relearn how to live. Sold Worldwide.


French Horror tale where a mysterious book lands in the hands of a brother & sister. Seeking for answers, they will discover that the book can end humanity. Sold in North America & distributed worldwide by TMAA.


Hilarious US comedy telling the story of a sheltered young loser going on the worst blind date ever when he and his date must cover up the accidental murder of a crooked cop. Sold in North America & Middle East. Distributed in South East Asia & India.


The Movie Agency is now representing "The bodyguard" outside North America. The movie is a mixture of action-packed Kung Fu film and super heroes. Wu-Lin, the protagonist chose the dark path to seek for revenge, and take the law in his own hands. Distributed in South East Asia.


After getting into a cemetery to take pictures for his website, Ludovic is caught by the old grave keeper. Waiting for the police, he shows Ludovic his book of tombs inside which are the most bizarre and intriguing stories he's witnessed. Horror anthology from France starring Jean-Claude Dreyfus & Linnea Quigley. Distributed in India. Sold in North America. Distributed by TMAA for the rest of the world including in Australia and New Zealand by Bounty Films.


A new look on the poem "Christabel" (1816), by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The only daughter of a rural worker, Christabel finds Geraldine, a mysterious woman, who says she's been attacked by men and needs help. Pure and innocent Christabel gives shelter to Geraldine at home. From then on, the two women relate to each other in a way that Geraldine has a great influence over Christabel, destabilizing her convictions and promoting tradition rupture - Sold Worldwide


Adrien, a young journalist, visits to a new bed & breakfast to write an article. He will realize that his hosts have something more sinister in mind - Digital rights sold in North America. Distributed in India and South East Asia.


Behind the looks of a shy film student, David hides a secret. David shoots the murders he commits and share"his work"online. Sold in South Korea. Under Offer for North America.


Malaysian comedy, Get Hard is about 26-year-old man Wen Hu who has erectile dysfunction. This very coveted bachelor was able to hide it to his girlfriend until now - Digital rights sold in North America. Distributed in India and South East Asia.


Nine-year-old Mimi and her cat Miracle embark on a journey to find a father she has never met. Dad turns out to be a playboy surfer, running from responsibilities. Award winning drama from Malaysia - Digital rights sold in North America.


Co-produced by China, Malaysia and Taiwan, When Geek Meets Serial Killer is about a cartoonist who accidentally kills his best friend, and who comes out with a creative way to dispose his body. He soon finds out that his best friend wasn't such a good friend after all - Digital rights sold in North America. Distributed in India and South East Asia.


Europe today, migrants with vastly separate lives collide in interweaving stories of race, loss and perdition. Sold Worldwide.


Starring Melanie Lynskey, Sadie is the story of a girl who will stop at nothing to preserve her father's place on the home front. Distributed in South East Asia, Slovenia, UK & The Middle East.


When a newly married couple enters their new home, they are also waking up a dark past where an evil and revengeful entity. The Spell is the second feature film made in Cambodia from director Amit Dubey - Digital rights sold in North America. Distributed in India.


A Cambodian Thriller à la Cap Fear with a touch of occult - Digital rights sold in North America.


Based on Kafka's novella, Metamorphosis is about Gregor Samsa, a traveling salesman, who wakes up in his bed to find himself transformed into a large insect. It is directed by Chris Swanton - Re-release sold Worldwide.


US romance dramedy - Sold Worldwide.


US Comedy starring Katharine Ross & Corey Eid. Under offer for world.


Political Drama coproduction between Spain, Morocco and Israel - Sold Worldwide


Horror Thriller from Brazil - Sold Worldwide.


Documentary from Argentina - All airline rights sold worldwide. Digital rights sold in North America.


British Comedy - Sold Worldwide


US Thriller - Sold Worldwide


US Comedy - Sold Worldwide


US Horror - Sold Worldwide


Thriller Drama from Norway = Sold Worldwide


US Horror Thriller - Sold Worldwide


Horror from Italy - Sold Worldwide


Indian Fantasy Comedy Horror - Sold in Taiwan & Australia


Indian Drama Action - Sold in Taiwan & Australia


Indian Action Thriller - Sold in Taiwan & Australia


British Horror - Sold in North America


US Horror - Sold in North America


British Horror Anthology - Sold Worldwide


British Thriller - Sold Worldwide


Horror from France - Sold Worldwide


Horror from France - Sold Worldwide


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