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The Movie Agency

About Us

The Movie Agency (TMA) is the representation hub for Feature Film Producers and operates as a Film Sales Agency founded by Philippe Louis Galliano.


With more than two decades of experience in the industry, Philippe, who pursued his film studies in Australia, has been instrumental in assisting filmmakers from across the globe in securing distribution for their independent feature films with worldwide distributors.


What sets TMA apart from other sales agents is our transparent approach:


While other Sales Agents may levy upfront fees and substantial commissions on your sales, TMA operates with a fixed 15% commission.

We understand that success in the film industry cannot be guaranteed, and thus, TMA refrains from making unattainable promises of fame and fortune.


TMA was initiated in 2017, but Philippe's journey in the distribution business dates back to 2009 when he sought to introduce Asian films to the Australian market. In 2018, TMA relocated its operations to Japan.


In 2018 and 2019, Philippe collaborated with the Brazilian production company O2 Filmes, known for acclaimed works like "City of God" and "Blindness," to resurrect the final feature film of the Academy Award and multiple-time Cannes "Palme d'Or" nominee director Hector Babenco, titled "Meu Amigo Hindu." Mr. Babenco passed away in 2016, and the release of his last movie was on hold.


Within a matter of months, Philippe successfully secured worldwide distribution for the film through Tricoast Worldwide - RockSalt Releasing, including a theatrical release in the US and a screening at the Cannes Film Market. The film stars Oscar nominee Willem Dafoe and is now known as "My Last Friend."


TMA stands as a testament to Philippe's passion for international cinema and dedication to helping independent filmmakers find a global audience.


To name a few, we also represented films from 

  • Artémis (Belgium) is known for Gaspar Noé's "Climax" and Hooper's "The Danish Girl". We sold their movie Cavale in North America. The movie was theatrically released and received excellent reviews.

  • director Megan Griffiths SADIE.

  • Canadian director Sophie Dupuis for her debut feature "Family First" which was Canadian submission to the 2018's Academy Awards. The movie stars Théodore Pellerin.

  • British director Edward Palmer for his debut feature "Hippopotamus". Ed had struggled for a couple of years before finding the right agency and distributor. The Movie Agency got the film sold in North America and in Japan where it was also theatrically released. 

  • East Europe such as the biopic of Michael Curtiz now on Netflix.

  • Most recently we brought to North America the work of Japanese talented director Shugo Fujii by releasing the gorefest "Mimicry Freaks" and meta cinema grandiosity "Frantic" which theatrically opened in LA in October 2022. 


So how does it work?​

Submit your film, and TMA will respond within a week if we express interest in your content. There are no upfront fees for films selected, nominated, or awarded at significant film festivals, or those featuring notable actors in the cast. Even if your content doesn't meet these criteria, we still encourage you to submit your film as there's a possibility we may find it appealing.


TMA actively reaches out to distributors seeking titles akin to yours. When an offer materializes, TMA will inform you about it. While we'll offer guidance, the ultimate decision is entirely yours.


If you choose to accept an offer, TMA will facilitate communication with the distributor. Additionally, we can negotiate the offer on your behalf.

​Can you guarantee that my movie will sell if we work together?

Nobody can guarantee you a sale however TMA will work hard to get your movie sold and distributed.


What are the territories you can sell to and do you attend film markets?

TMA typically initiates the process by locating a distributor within North America before extending its efforts to other global regions. TMA maintains a presence in various film markets, including but not limited to EFM, AFM, Cannes, and NAPTE Budapest.


Why would I need you when I can find a distributor by myself or self-distribute my movie?

TMA's role extends beyond mere pitching and securing a distributor. We're here to support you in contract review and negotiation, drawing upon our expertise in entertainment and legal matters, which proves invaluable if any disputes with your distributor arise.

As for self-distribution, the allure of independence is undeniable. However, when pitted against a distributor with decades of experience, a history of selling numerous films to diverse buyers, cultivated relationships with film buyers worldwide, a seasoned team of sales and marketing professionals, and a regular presence at global film markets, it becomes clear that competing on your own is a daunting task.


The reality is, that attempting to place your film on platforms like Amazon without a dedicated marketing budget or knowledge of film marketing often results in a fruitless endeavour, frequently leading to financial losses, especially if you opt for an aggregator.

Do you assist with funding, pre-sales and foreign sales? 

TMA's potential involvement in a film project hinges on the cast. TMA maintains connections with financial backers, although their interest is primarily piqued by projects featuring established and recognizable names.


Should you have secured a portion of the budget, possess a reputable distributor commitment, and can substantiate it with documentation, TMA may contemplate offering its support.


If your content is already distributed in North America, and you are now seeking foreign buyers, TMA might have the means to assist you in this endeavour.

Visit our film financing and foreign sales page. 

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